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Has been producing hydraulic couplings and spare parts for construction equipment with various power and sizes as well as SPUR GEAR, WORM GEAR, HELICAL GEAR, BEVEL GEAR, SPIRAL BEVEL GEAR, CHAIN WHEELS since 1975 to present. It manufactures wind turbine reducer, hydraulic power plant, turbine and mil, planet Gearboxes, concrete plant Gearboxes, Band Gearboxes, one-way lock, geared coupling, elastic coupling and every kind of gearboxes depending on customer demand. It provides services to wide range of customers in the country or abroad with its machinery of 230 machine in its indoor area of 8500 m2 and 130 qualified employees. Customer satisfaction is a subject on which we show sensitivity in the direction of principles of quality production and delivery in time.
We got biggest stock and warehouses about undercarriage and bucket tooth/teeth/spare parts in Turkey, Ozaltinis Makinalari adopted its mission upon realizing the importance of Heavy Machinery Industry in this field, and accordingly started its operations in 1996. With its expert staff, it provides repair, maintenance and revision works for Undercarriage track rollers, and have offered great support for the machine owners. Thanks to its quality and express service, it has become a leading company for the Contractors, Ports and Port Authorities, parts traders and Governmental Agencies all around Turkey in the field of track groups for around 2500 ea. roads, dams, tunnel construction works in Turkey, and has become a solution partner for such companies included in the portfolio. In the light of technical information, information and data gained over a period of 18 years, it is now engaged in manufacturing special frames for machinery manufacturing companies in Turkey. Our Company, which has 7 ea. great spare parts depots with an area of 3000 square meters in total, is able to satisfy all kinds of track-type machine spare parts requirements of its customers, since it has the greatest stock of track groups in Turkey and thanks to its diversity of products It attends all fair organizations held around Turkey about the Heavy Construction Equipment as a exhibitor, thereby always making its presence in the market felt by its customers. OEM Machinery Company , a subsidiary of Ozaltinis Machinery , was established and started its operations, for purpose of supplying not only undercarriage spare parts of machinery, but also all spare parts of ground engaging group (Tips, edges and adapters), engine and other spare parts of machines. Our company which is influential in its sector provides repair and maintenance services for around 10,000 machines in its customer portfolio and sells spare parts of track groups, and it has the capability of directing the spare parts sales in Turkey in this regard. Always innovative, always dynamic, always leading and pioneer company of Turkey
It was founded in the year of 1984 at Ankara Large Industrial Zone (Ankara Buyuk Sanayi), and right after the establishment of Yildiz Industrial Zone (Yildiz Sanayi Sitesi) which is situated in OSTIM Industrial Region, it was moved to its own buildings located in Yildiz Industrial Zone. HERMAN Otomotiv continues to develop its reputable and prestigious activities at Yildiz Industrial Zone much more than it was in Ankara Large Industry, and has earned the respect and reputation, which it deserves not only in Ankara city, but also in the whole country. HERMAN Automotive company operates in fields of wholesale and retail sales, maintenance and distribution of new and second hand complete transmissions, transmission spare parts, complete differentials, differential spare parts for trucks and buses in the large vehicle sector. Our company; sells in wholesale and retail of complex transmissions, complex differentials, and their spare parts of worldwide well-known brands such as ZF, MAN, Mercedes, DAF, Volvo, Renault, Neoplan, Setra, IVECO, Ford, BMC and SCANIA. Along with the wolrdwide well-known German brand ZF, it operates with again wolrdwide well-known some Italian brands as well such as; Euroricambi, Antonia Masiero and TEMAC for the gearbox and differential spare parts products sector of trucks and bus vehicles in the large vehicles sector. At present, it carries out all the activities entering its field of activity with increasingly successful performance and efficiency every day, by increasing the quality of service to its customers, and by offering all the possibilities for customer satisfaction.
Our Company was established in 1982, and entered in automotive sector with Massey Ferguson and Turk Fiat brand tractor spare part franchises (Egemak and Uzel). In 1995, our company started retail and wholesale sales of spare parts for Japan and Korean vehicles. In 2003, the company underwent a new restructuring; and left tractor spare parts sector, and concentrated on Japan and Korean vehicles. Our company has reached a more dynamic and strong structure formed by young colleagues upon this restructuring process. Our Company has concentrated on importation of mechanical, hood and electrical parts of Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Daihatsu, Honda, Suzuki, Isuzu and Mitsubishi brand vehicles, and responds needs of its customers only as wholesales providing spare parts with reasonable prices and quality within this scope. Our Company continues its activities in the service building with a close area of 12000 m2 in order to provide services of higher quality for our valuable customers.
Our company was founded in 2000 as Mehmet Erdiren Disli Industry. We serve in a total of 5000 m2 area with 2000 m2 closed area. We are proud of serving our customers in a deliberate and experienced manner with our wide range of products. Our 35 years of experience in gear manufacturing combined with the latest technology methods and staff specialized in the field, we endeavor every day to give better service to our customers. Our company, which operates in the field of tractors, construction machinery and agricultural machinery, continues its path with the aim of minimum cost and maximum quality with new products every day. Based on the zero-error policy, we have adopted the principle of contributing to the national economy in today's competitive conditions with our state-of-the art CNC gear production machines, and it is our greatest goal to continue this as Mehmet Erdiren Disli Industry.
Our company, manufacturing transmission organs and sprockets has a 30 years of experience in the sector gives service to our valuable customers as BUMEKS OTOMOTIV since 1994. Our company pperforms any kind of spare part manufacture for VOLVO, SCANIA, MAN, MERCEDES, RENAULT, DAF and ZF brands with expert team specialized in Work machine, lorry, small lorry, bus and automobile transmission organs and last technology machines. Our company works with the quality first principal and undertakes to serve the quality with the cheapest price on time to the customers. Our company became popular either in domestic marker or abroad with its quality and gives 1 year of guarantee for every product manufactured. Our aim as the company is to develop permanet business and friendship relationships by keeping the customer satisfaction on the top. Sample and technical drawing based manufactures through special orders from you are performed in our company, for this you may contact with us.
Our production life that we started in 1983 was established as Mevlut Ceylan Disli company in 1998 and brought a different breath to the gear production sector. Our company; differential kits and boxes in the automotive sector, gearboxes, mirrors, mahruti and gears in the agricultural sector. Mevlut Ceylan Gear produced native gearboxes in response to imported gearboxes of Europe. Starting from 2015, we are continuing to produce with the aim of serving our domestic and foreign markets with our new factory with 7000 m² closed area and advanced technology in total 20.000 m² area in Konya Organize Industrial Zone.
General Ticari Araclar Yedek Parcalari Ltd. Sti has emerged as one of the most reliable Truck, Trailer & Bus Spare Parts Dealer in Turkey since its establishment in 1995. Within a short span GENERAL has acquired recognition as a leading wholesaler in Truck & Bus Spare Parts which itself is a commendable achievement by any standard in this highly technical and competitive business. General Spare Part located in Istanbul, Ikitelli industrial area supplies the complete range of Engine Parts, Gear Box Parts, Powertrain parts, Brake Parts, Suspension Parts, Axle Parts, Electrical Component Parts, Body Parts, a wide range of Accessories parts and the exclusive range of products in continuously expanding inline with the highly competitive and healthy demands of the trade. Expanding variaties of the spare parts range every day made us successful reaching up to 120 OEM supplier factories and 16,000 spare parts to enlarge our customer satisfaction. General Spare Part has business relations with different regiones of the World. Getting ready the demanded Automotive spare parts by sensetive examinations, testing and choosing among the factories who produce with the quality certifications and OEM standarts and required documentations for customs and exporting in time, specialised “General Spare Part” as prioritized supplier. The spare parts we prodive are suitable for MERCEDES-BENZ, MAN, FORD CARGO, BMC, RENAULT TRUCKS, SCANIA, VOLVO, DAF Commercial vehicles and BPW, SAF, MERITOR/ROR, FRUEHAUF, SCHMITZ trailer brands. We provide genuine quality and competetive aftermarket spare parts to our customers with CAMIONE, BRETHREN and GENEROUS brands assuring a long term and reliable business opportunity.
Our company is one of the most known manufacturer and exporter of different types of spare parts for combine harvester in Turkey since 1977. Italy, Poland, Romania, Ireland, UK, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, South Africa, South America some of the export regions of our products. Ucar Tarim is also able to supply your spare part needs according to your drawing or sample with your own logo even with series. Our company offers a wide range of products for different models of combine harvester brands. Our goal is to satisfy our clients, expand our export markets and come to a well known worldwide partner.